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The wooden product factory consists of wooden product manufacturing workshop and painting manufacturing workshop.

The wooden product manufacturing workshop is mainly engaged in produce and process wooden products like density board, melamine board, fire resistance board and solid wood board. The workshop is equipped with 2.5m×1.25m hydraulic cold press, 3m×1.5m hydraulic cold press, three-section hydraulic cold press, 45°table saw, automatic straight and curve edge bonding machine, single-side press planer, 10000 rotate single-pass vertical milling, reciprocating saw, air router, subsection six-row boring machine, Zhong Shan probe, universal cutter grinder, central dust drawer…etc. The workshop covers an area of 2000 SQM.

The painting manufacturing workshop is mainly engaged in the producing and processing of the products which needs surface lacquer treatment such as PU paint, PE paint…etc. The plastering and polishing workshop is dust-free, and the drying room is equipped with dust-free infrared dryer. All the process of manufacturing satisfies the environmental protection standards, and the products are quality guaranteed.